OSRS Penance Queen

Detailed information about OldSchool RuneScape Penance Queen NPC.

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Penance Queen

Penance Queen
RuneScape Penance Queen NPC
Combat LvL209

Where can it be found

Final Boss; Tenth Wave; Barbarian Assault minigame


The queen uses a Range/Magic attack that can damage any players anywhere in the map. The Penance Queen cannot be attacked head-on and must be defeated by firing Omega Eggs at her. Omega eggs are created in an assembly line, with each role doing something special to it and then using it on the next role to pass it on. The collector gets it last and loads it into the cannon, through which it will be fired into the queen. She also summons Penance Spawns (61) that can make you have a hard time with auto-retaliate on, it's advised to turn that off.

Examine Message

Run away! Run away!


The Penance Queen is found on the 10th wave of the Barbarian Assault Minigame. The monsters get harder with every wave, the 10th one being the queen.

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