OSRS Fire giant

Detailed information about OldSchool RuneScape Fire giant NPC.

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Fire giant

Fire giant
RuneScape Fire giant NPC
Combat LvL86

Where can it be found

Waterfall Dungeon, Smoke Dungeon, Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave, Brimhaven Dungeon, Deep Wilderness Dungeon


Fire giants are amazing training for higher level members. It's best to melee them using rune, dragon, or some form of barrows armour. Using Guthans along with rune or dragon is very effective, as you'll be able to stay there as long as you have space for the drops in your inventory. The Fire giants can also be ranged from behind a table or chair in Baxtorian falls as well as a few safe spots in Brimhaven dungeon, making them one of the most prominent ranged training monsters in the game.

Examine Message

A very large elemental adversary.


The best location for them is in Brimhaven dungeon (for meleeing) and Baxtorian falls (for rangers or mages). You will need to bring 875 GP with you if you intend on going to Brimhaven dungeon fire giants, and a spare hatchet. If you however decide to train at Baxtorian falls, you will need a rope and Glarial's amulet in your inventory to bypass certain obstacles, and to be able to successfully enter the cave.

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