OSRS Elf warrior

Detailed information about OldSchool RuneScape Elf warrior NPC.

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Elf warrior

Elf warrior
RuneScape Elf warrior NPC
Combat LvL108

Where can it be found

Elf Camp; Lletya


Elf warriors are great training for higher level players, especially if you are able to fish sharks. Just northwest of the Elf camp along the shore line you will find shark fishing spots. An everlasting fire burns back in the camp, meaning you won't need to leave until your inventory is full with their drops, or when you receive a (level-3) clue scroll. There is also an altar on the second floor, meaning you can train on them with prayer.

Examine Message

I don't wanna be at the wrong end of that pike.


Elf warrriors wield a crystal pike, similar to a halberd in that it can hit you at close range, and from a space away. Be warned as they are able to hit a 10 every so often.

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