OSRS Greater demon

Detailed information about OldSchool RuneScape Greater demon NPC.

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Greater demon

Greater demon
RuneScape Greater demon NPC
Combat LvL92

Where can it be found

Demonic ruins (2), level 44 Wilderness northeast of Varrock; Entrana dungeon (2); Gu'Tanoth dungeon (5), southwest of Yanille; Brimhaven dungeon(7), southwest of Brimhaven


Greater demons are one of the best training monsters for members. The Gu'Tanoth greater cage to the right of the entrance, contains four Greater demons that make excellent range training; simply telegrab any good drops you may get. The Greater demons in Brimhaven dungeon are found in the second floor, south of the Moss giants. There are a number of Greater Demons here, amidst the wild dogs, and they make for excellent melee training.

Examine Message

Big, red, and incredibly evil.


Meleeing demons with a Silverlight or Darklight will have the effect of meleeing them with a rune longsword.

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