OSRS Animated Rune armour

Detailed information about OldSchool RuneScape Animated Rune armour NPC.

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Animated Rune armour

Animated Rune armour
RuneScape Animated Rune armour NPC
Combat LvL138

Where can it be found

Warriors' Guild in Burthrope


Be sure you have armour as good as rune or better (better preferred). Have food that heals a good percentage of your health, because you will take gradual but perpetual damage. Veracs or Guthans armour sets are recommended; Veracs for its ability to hit through armour and Guthans for its healing abilities.

Examine Message

Animated rune armour.


You must supply your own armour to fight these. There is a small chance a part of your armour will get damaged, and unfixable.

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