OSRS Prayer Calculator

Calculate OSRS prayer drain.

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RuneScape Prayer Drain

Your current RuneScape prayer points.

Enter RuneScape prayer bonus if any.
Thick Skin OSRS Prayer
Calculation Results
You will use one prayer point every: N/A seconds
While losing this many prayer points per second: N/A
Your prayer points will last for a total of: N/A seconds
RuneScape prayer drain calculator is based on formula published here - OSRS Prayer Formula.
OSRS Prayer Drain Calculator

RuneScape prayer drain calculator, OSRS prayer calc - advanced calculator to check how fast your prayer points would drain. Our calculations are using up-to-date OSRS prayer drain formula, which you can find here. Plan the usage of your OldSchool RuneScape prayer points way easier with our accurate & instant prayer calculator.