Image Item Name Members? Quest Item?
Nulodion's notes
Oak longbow (u) No
Oak shortbow (u) No
Oil can
Opal bolt tips No
Orange goblin mail
Pearl bolt tips No
Pendant of lucien
Pestle and mortar No
Plague jacket
Plague trousers
Poison chalice No
Poisoned fish food
Potion No
Prayer potion(1) No
Prayer potion(2) No
Prayer potion(3) No
Pressure gauge
Ranarr potion (unf) No
Ranarr weed No
Ranging potion(1) No
Ranging potion(2) No
Ranging potion(3) No
Rat poison
Red cog
Red spiders' eggs No
Red vine worm
Research package
Restore potion(1) No